A Bit of a Confession

So I might have spent more of the 3 day weekend playing Batman: Arkham City than I did working on getting my book ready for publication.  Oops.  Those 3 days sure did fly by.

Batman: Arkham City cover

Oh well.

It was worth it.  The game is amazing.  Justice was being dealt out all weekend long against the thugs of Arkham City.  So basically I was just doing my part to make the streets safe again.

The good news is, I did make some accomplishments this weekend, and sort of uncovered my new checklist of items to do on my road to publication.  Here’s what I did:

  • Made some editing tweaks to Poor Percival Stories.
  • I officially signed up with Kindle Direct Publishing (no title uploaded to my shelf yet, of course).
  • I installed the Kindle previewer program so I can see what my book will look like on the Kindle.
  • I downloaded the free Mobi Pocket Creator program to convert my Word doc into a format readable by the Kindle, then previewed my book just for kicks to see what it would look like without doing any of the special formatting called out in the Building Your Book for Kindle guide from Amazon.  It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either.  Note to self: add lots of page breaks.
  • I installed Photoshop on my laptop so I can begin working on cover art.

So that means this is what I have left to work on (not necessarily in order):

  • Decide how I want to format Poor Percival Stories.  I’m torn right now as to whether I want to format the paragraphs like normal, or if I want each paragraph to be a separate block with a blank line between each one, which is the way I originally wrote them.  The reason I chose to format them in this way from the beginning is due to the fact that the stories are told in a sort of colloquial southern dialect.  By having the paragraphs chunked out, I think it makes the story more digestible and less daunting (psychologically) to the reader.  I know the dialect can deter some folks from the get-go, but if the story looks easy to read, they might change their mind.  This, of course, is assuming anyone at all will even read the book.
  • Design a cover.  This part scares me the most.  I think I’ve mentioned that before.  I need to comb through royalty free images and find some that fit the theme I’m trying to convey – folk fantasy.  That should be easy though, right?  I also want to see if I can find some free custom fonts to use.  Then it’s just a matter of putting it all together with a title that stands out and attracts people to buy my book.
  • Copyright the book.  I’ve done a little research around this already.  It appears since I will only be doing an e-book first, I can copyright by sending the book digitally to the U.S. Copyright Office – for a small fee.  Shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Come up with an enticing book description that will appear in the Kindle store.  I’m terrible at summarizing my work into a single paragraph.  I foresee many, many versions of this being written and rewritten.
  • Develop the front-matter of the book.  All the legal mumbo jumbo that I need to have so someone named Poor Percival in the real world doesn’t think I’m writing about him.  This should be relatively simple since there’s plenty out there for me to copy use as an example.
  • Finish playing Arkham City.  What can I say?  I’m weak.

I’m sure there’s even more that I’m forgetting right now, but those look like the main items that I need to focus on and knock out at the moment.  If it looks like I’m forgetting something, let me know!


  1. Video games do get addicting and distracting! Video games are one of a writer’s worst enemies. At least you got some work done.


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