A New Plan and New Covers…What!?

So I’ve been slacking in my blog posts lately, but for good reason.  This past week I decided I want to serialize my Poor Percival stories rather than release them all as one book to start.  The book was already split up into five separate short stories, so they suit a serialized format perfectly.  There’s several reasons why I decided to do this.  The main ones being that this will hopefully lend itself better to helping build a readership, and that I can write more Percival short stories and publish them as I go rather than wait until I have another book’s worth.

The biggest hurdle with this is that it means I need 5 new book covers.  Ack!  So that’s what I’ve been spending the past several nights working on.  So far I have the first 3 covers since those are the stories that I will be releasing shortly.  Because they are short stories, I decided to try for a simpler cover style that in my opinion suit the stories better – while still pulling from the original “final collection” cover that I already created for coherence.  And here they are:

Book Cover 1Book Cover 2Book Cover 3

















Pretty nifty, huh?

I’m hoping to have the first 3 stories up on Kindle within the week – assuming I don’t have any more last minute decisions crop up.  I’d rather delay the stories coming out and be sure I’m doing things right rather than to rush them and have regrets.

So there you have it.  A new plan and some new covers.  Exciting times!

In other news, I had a blast and half going to Animal Kingdom yesterday with Mike and Maleigha.  We went on a safari, petted goats and sheep, walked through an Asian jungle where we watched two giant bats locked in an epic battle, and Maleigha even climbed on a dinosaur.  The only thing we didn’t get to do was ride Expedition Everest.  Mike and I were looking forward to our first encounter with the Yeti, but it was not to be.  Even after acquiring fast passes, ensuring our expedition would go off without a hitch, fate intervened.  Alas, we arrived only to be told that the ride was shut down and would not be reopening for the day.  We never did hear what happened, but I assume the Yeti must have got loose.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.

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  1. My aunt and uncle work at Disney and swear the best thing there is the Lion Kingdom show.

    I like your new covers. The text art is great, and they tie in well with each other. They have a bit of a Dr. Seuss vibe and look like a lot of fun.

    • Thanks! I love Dr. Seuss! 🙂

      The Lion King show was fantastic. I saw it the last time I was at Animal Kingdom. The acrobatics they do are completely amazing.

  2. You should offer one or two for free, so people can get a sense of your writing style and be inspired to buy further tales 🙂

    • That’s the plan. I’ll be enrolling each story into the KDP select program, which will allow me to make each one available for free for a set amount of days. Unfortunately Amazon won’t let me just make one outright free forever, which is a bummer. I’ll have to look into how long a book has to be out before I can do that. I’m sure it’s like a year or something, since they want to make money 😛


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