A Status Update

So it’s been radio silence around here for a bit, huh? I figure that’s going to happen from time to time as I get busy with projects. Once I get into a story that I’m working on, I like to put my head down and focus all my energy on that, and not deviate even for things that I probably should be doing (like writing blog posts, or brushing my teeth).

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably already know the reason for this radio silence was because I’ve been working on finishing Plague City 2. I’m happy to report that after 2 editing passes, I’ve handed off draft 3 to beta readers for feedback (Hi dad!).

Under no circumstances do I think it’s perfect and ready to publish. I still sneak a peek at it and find lines that I want to rework. But at this point, it’s time to get a second opinion or two on the actual story.

I’m finding that I’m in the same position I was in when I finished writing the first Plague City and was on the fence about whether I should actually publish the thing. I like the story, but I don’t know if anyone else will. I often find as I work on a story I will go through high periods of absolutely loving the story, followed by low periods of thinking it’s the worst piece of crap I’ve ever written and question why I am even still putting valuable could-be-working-on-something-better time into it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So the best thing to do is to let someone else tell me what they think and go from there – otherwise I might never publish anything.

While I wait for feedback to come in and put some time between myself and Plague City 2 for a fresh look at it in a week or so, I plan to start looking at the novel I completed before I got into this crazy self-publishing game. This is the middle-grade novel I was shopping around to agents toward the end of 2012. It’s tentatively called Saving George’s Light, but I don’t like that name and will more than likely change it before all is said and done. (Fun fact: it’s actually the manuscript you can see in my blog header image.)

As far as the agents go, there was some interest expressed in George’s Light, but let’s just say I still hold the publishing rights to it at the moment. I don’t mind the rejection letters; what irks me most is sending out my manuscript and receiving nothing at all in reply, as if it’s not worth their time to even send a form letter. But that’s another blog post entirely – and one I probably shouldn’t write.

My goal is to have George’s Light published in summer 2013, but I want to make sure it’s perfect before sending it out into the big scary world. I know it’s clean from an editing standpoint, but after all the rejection, I feel the need to do another read through just in case I was missing something everyone else was picking up on (which I doubt because it’s perfect and I’m perfect and everything I touch turns to gold thank you very much).

So that’s the plan for now. I’ll try to keep the blog updated more often – but you and I both know that’s probably not going to happen 😉


  1. Good for you for getting these books knocked out so quickly! I wish my brain did work when I actually had the time to write, but it seems like when I find the time I sit down and my writing reverts to “see dog, dog good.” I will need to read your books sometime soon before you become famous!

    • You have plenty of time before I’m famous. It’ll be at least 3 months 😛

  2. Milson (as I must call you now due to Brian only referring to you as such), you changed your About Me section. I like it. I will join you as a pirate, should my goat farming, dog-walking yogi dream life not work out. PS. If you would like to write my blog for me too, that would be great. I can’t seem to make myself do it anymore. Hope all is well!

    • Milson works for me. Having a twin brother that no one can tell you apart from makes it so you’re only called by your last name all your life 😛

      Thanks for noticing the update! I’ve been trying to clean up the blog over the past couple of nights, make it feel less cluttered and removing the comments section from the other pages so it looks more like a real website. Never knew I could do that before 😛 For some reason WordPress does a good job of hiding those options.

      You’re more than welcome to tag along on my pirate adventures! The only rule is that you have to bring your own eye patch – we may be pirates, but it’s important to abide by the dress code. It’s worth it though. Our first adventure will be to steal some goats and start a farm. That’s right, goat-farming pirates!

      I would update your blog for you, but my life is nowhere near as interesting as yours. People would find me out as a fraud right away 😛

      Always good to hear from ya! 😀

      • So I noticed that actually, b/c I was searching for a place to leave this comment and there wasn’t one. I thought about your FB page, but then it seemed silly that I’d be leaving you a message on FB about your blog. So instead I left it on an old blog post. Whatever works.

        I am very excited about this goat-farming pirates plan. I was actually going to go for a Jack Sparrow look though. Does that excuse me from the eye patch?

        How is your writing going? I haven’t seen a new novel or post lately, and I’m done with Hunger Games now and Twilight so therefore have nothing to read.

        Actually- I take that back. I’ve spent my summer reading a Developmental Psychology and a Biology textbook. They were super fun. Yay for going back to school!

        On that note- I think you would be just fine writing my blog. My life right now is work, school, homework, planning wedding, repeat. My dog’s life is more entertaining than mine right now.

        • You don’t have to wear an eye patch, but that just means Brian has to wear two of them…and not on the same eye.

          The writing is going well, though slow. I’m working on final edits on a novelette follow up to Plague City, and doing one last editing pass on another full length novel to try and hopefully have that done with. For some reason I couldn’t decide which story I wanted to work on first, so I decided to do both at the same time. Probably a bad idea.

          For what it’s worth, I think your life sounds entertaining 🙂

          • You think my life sounds entertaining?!?! You’re my new BFF.

            I’m not sure Brian will go for this pirate gig- but we can work on it.

            I still need to read your first 12 books you’ve written. They are on the bucket list. I actually understand doing both at once. It seems illogical, but I do the same thing so therefore it must make sense. 🙂

            So question- why didn’t you go into Journalism or English? Why Full Sail and why Game Design? Just curious. You could always go back you know. I hear working on your second Bachelors is a lot of fun.

          • It wasn’t until I was already going to Full Sail that I really became interested in writing fiction and discovered it as a passion – otherwise I likely would have wound up as a Journalism or English major. Bad timing on my part I guess.

            The way I see it though, I’m still writing stories and still having fun. Instead of going to school for it, I’m just learning on the job. 🙂 True, I could always go back, but my biggest fear is that it might turn something I do for fun into something that feels more like work. As long as I’m writing the stories that I want to, then I’ll be happy 😀

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