Today officially kicks off NaNoWriMo!  Woop woop!

I’ll be participating – but in my own way.  I already know I won’t be able to write 50,000 words in one month without totally slacking in other areas of my life, resulting in losing my day job as well as my girlfriend.  So instead I have set a more reasonable goal for myself.  13,000 words.  This will be a short story/novella – potentially the first in a new series if I like the story enough by the time I’m finished.  I hope to have the first draft done before Thanksgiving, then spend the rest of the month revising.   1 entirely new and polished novella in a month – that’s better than the 50,000 words of crap I would undoubtedly spew out (yes, spew) in my opinion. 😀

My other goals include:

  • Not revising as I go – something I’m terrible at.  I want to work on just getting the story out onto paper as quickly as possible, then trust the revision process to go back and fix things.
  • Write something completely different than anything I’ve written before.
  • And finally: Just have fun.  Don’t constantly fret over whether someone will like it, or how many people will actually read it.  Who cares?  If I assume nobody is going to read it from the get-go, then I’m free to write whatever is fun and makes me happy – ultimately making for a stronger story.

I would make this post longer, but I seriously need to get some writing done.  Until next time!

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