Another Month, Another Story

Is it just me or is time flying by way too fast lately? How is it already October 1st? I think I need to look into getting my own personal TARDIS…or maybe I already have one, and that’s why time is going so fast.

Much like the passing of time, this post will be quick. Just wanted to update you on what I’m calling codename: Alien Serial—my writing project for the past couple of months now.

My goal was to finish editing part 2 of the serial by the end of September. Well guess what you guys: Mission accomplished!

I did my second read through of the story on my Kindle this past Monday night, and wrapped up the last of the edits yesterday, handing off the story to one beta reader so far.

Today I begin working on the outline for part 3, with the goal being the same as the last two months: finishing the third part by the end of October.

I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated as I begin the hunt for cover art and look at publication. In the meantime, here we go again!

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