Poor Percival Stories

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Percival is only a babe when fate sends him floating precariously downriver on a chunk of ice, swept away into a peculiar woods filled with all manner of critters and folk of curious and dangerous sorts. After nearly being cooked and eaten by foxes, wolves, witches, and trolls, baby Percival finds himself taken in by a village on a hill smack in the middle of those very same woods. 

And that doesn’t make things any easier for Percival. No sir! 

Percival quickly comes to learn that there’s always plenty of trouble waiting for him in the woods below – escaping Witch Autumn’s cottage, setting sail on a washed-up treasure ship, fetching back his white eagle feather from big Augustus Frog, and more! 

So pull up a comfy stump, set on down, and let Papa Hickory tell you just how it was Percival grew up in a not so ordinary fashion. 


Poor Percival Stories is a collection of folktales recounting Percival’s lifelong adventures from the time he first arrives floating down a river as a baby on to old age. Narrated by Papa Hickory, the stories are told in the colorful style and tradition of the Old South with a playful take on colloquial southern dialect, and include a wondrous assortment of talking critters and magical folk, making for an entertaining and fun reading adventure for all.