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Today was the first of 3 free days for Plague City. And look what happened:


Plague City amazon rank


So far I’m at #2 in Horror and #5 in Science Fiction! I’m holding out hope Amazon still hasn’t updated yet and I’m actually at #1 for Horror. How bad ass would that be!? If I can crack the top 100 overall, I would be ecstatic. We’ll see. I still have 2 days to go, so I’m hoping Plague City can continue to make the climb.

At this moment I’ve had 1123 downloads today. That’s incredible to me. I am honestly completely blown away. I was going to be thrilled if I got 500 downloads over all 3 days.

To put it in perspective, the best free promo I’ve ran so far was back in November with Poor Percival Stories (Tale 1) with 362 downloads over 2 days. I’ve more than tripled that with Plague City in one day alone. Simply amazing.

A great deal of thanks goes out to the blogs who featured me today, and of course to the awesome folks on Twitter who kindly retweeted my obnoxious tweets throughout the day. I’ll continue making an obnoxious push tomorrow, because that’s my job 😛

Don’t worry. After Wednesday passes I’ll shut up again.

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