Checking In

It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d check in with a quick progress report.

Things have taken a turn for the worst.

…ok, that’s not true at all. But I got you hooked, didn’t I? Actually, things are going great. Swimmingly, you might say…if you were Michael Phelps trying to make a pun.

So when I last updated, I had just received a proof copy of “Saving George’s Light” in the mail, and was about to embark on a read-through of the story. Also, I emailed a copy to my editor (hi dad!) for his input as well. And here’s how all of that went: I started reading the book on the weekend, and by the time I reached Monday all I had to do was read 20 pages a night after work, and I would finish by the following weekend – then I could start implementing my notes. I’m extremely proud to say that I did precisely that. I stuck to the plan, kept focus, and plowed through it.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “20 pages isn’t that much to read in one night, Matthew.” And I realize that. But considering I was reading carefully for typos, already tired from a full day of work, and making notes in the digital copy as I went along, 20 pages was actually about as much as I could do without being a complete zombie at work the next day. So how dare you try to belittle me, and on my own blog of all places! You should be ashamed of yourself. Feel free to take a few moments here to feel shame.

Ok, now we can continue. So, by the end of the read-through I had accumulated quite a number of notes to make – mostly things like “add a comma here” or “swap these two words”. So nothing major. Still, I wound up with 830 notes total! Yeah…quite a bit more than I expected. I’m a stickler for detail though.

So last weekend’s mission was to get through all of those notes. Which I did. Whew, zero notes left! Then I added in the notes from my editor (hi dad!), which brought me back up to 140. D’oh! Unfortunately, by the time I reached that second set of notes I was getting sick, possibly catching it from my no-good brother. “Possibly” – a word which here means “without a shred of doubt.” As easy as it would have been to use the cold as an excuse to slack off – I mean, I had been working hard at it for well over a week without really taking a break – I still kept my nose to the grindstone and plowed through all the notes, finishing the final formatting touches about midweek last week.

As exciting as that is, it’s nothing compared to this next part: COVER ART IS COMPLETED! Woop woop! And while I would love to show it now, I’ve decided to hold off until I see it on a printed proof, just to make absolutely sure no more tweaks are required. But I can tell you it looks fantastic! I’ve submitted the files to CreateSpace, and once they approve it I will order what is hopefully the last proof copy, do a quick review, and then put this book up for sale once and for all!

Oh, I also meant to mention that I changed the book title to simply “George’s Light.” The “Saving” part of it was more based on previous drafts, but no longer really fit with the direction I took the story in the end. These things happen. It’s ok.

So, yeah, hopefully I’ll be doing the great cover reveal midweek or so. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies…or something. I don’t know. I’m Batman (gravelly voice).

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