Copyright Official

It’s official!  As of ten minutes ago, Poor Percival Stories has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  The case is still open and will take about 2.5 months to process, but the effective date of the copyright will be the day they received my application and book – meaning today.  That also means I don’t have to wait 2.5 months before I publish.  Trust me, that was the first thing I checked. 🙂

So basically anyone who was looking to steal my book and publish it before I did has now missed the boat.  Mwuhahaha!  Unless they’ve already done it.  *Checks the Kindle store for pirated copies of Percival*  Nope, looks like I’m good.  Mwuahahaha!

The process was extremely simple.  Just a matter of going to the Copyright Office website, creating a username with the Electronic Copyright Office, opening a new case, filling out all of the book details, paying them $35 🙁 and uploading the manuscript.  Super easy.  I can go into more detail if anyone needs to go through it and has any questions, but it’s really too boring to spell out here. 😛

In other news, you might have noticed I’ve added new Twitter and Facebook widgets to the sidebar on the blog.  But chances are you didn’t notice.  That’s ok.

It’s been a while since I’ve tweeted, but I figure now’s a good time to get back into it.  You might want to peruse my old tweets – they’re pretty funny if I say so myself.  Here’s a sample:

I once met a fashion designer. I told him some ideas I had, but he rejected every one. I’ve never met someone so clothes-minded before.

See what I mean?  Gold.

I also went ahead and created a Facebook page for my blog entries to post to, and to provide another way for people to connect with me.  It’s all pretty awesome.  Be sure to hit the Like button, but only if you want to (and even if you don’t).  So that’s it for now.  Next I’m going to upload my manuscript to KDP, and if there are no issues with anything, formatting or otherwise, then Poor Percival Stories might be in the Kindle Store as early as this weekend!

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