Done and Done…Almost

It’s official. I’ve handed off George’s Light (still need a new title) to my editor (Hi dad!). As with any of the other books I’ve written, it’s extremely difficult to know when I’m actually done. I could go on forever and a day wanting to tweak this word here, and that word there. Oh, and did you catch that line on page 27? What a stinker. But eventually I have to decide it’s probably as close to good as I’m going to get it, and at this point I’m just stalling. So there. It’s out of my hands now. Mostly…

I mean, I still need to come up with a book title that I like. And don’t forget all 26 chapter titles – which are super crazy hard to come up with. Here’s why: if you assume the reader is going to peruse the table of contents before reading the book, reading all/most/some of the chapter titles, you don’t want to give away the plot you’ve worked so many hours to craft page after page just to have it ruined before the reader even sees page 1.

I’ve only read the first two Harry Potter books, but I assume J.K. Rowling didn’t have a chapter called “Dumbledore Dies.” Also, if you haven’t read the books or seen the movies: Spoiler Alert – don’t read that last sentence.

So even though the grueling (but fun) part of writing is done (essentially), there still seems like a mountain of work to be done before I can hit the publish button:

  1. Rename the book (kind of important)
  2. Come up with interesting but non-spoilery chapter titles
  3. Write an enticing book blurb
  4. Attain cover art
  5. Format the final book layout
  6. Dance party

So I’ll be working on those things while I wait for feedback on the story itself. Also I’ll be getting back into Plague City 2 to wrap that up, because a good man’s work is never done…and neither is mine.

Also, because I like you so much, I’m kicking around the idea of posting chapter 1 of Plague City 2 to the blog in the near future. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wonderful . . .  Wonderful . . . Wonderful Post!!!  Well done, sir.  Well done.  



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