Draft 1 Done

So last night I finished the first draft of Plague City 2. Which is kind of the reason why I haven’t posted on the blog in a while. Working a full-time job and trying to write books puts a real dent in my time for things like blogging, or playing video games, or paying bills. You know, the usual.

Anyway, after I finished the draft and before I turned in for bed, I thought about it for a minute and realized I never really make note of when I begin writing a story. I mean, obviously I know the general time frame – what month it was when I started writing – I’m not that out of it (I don’t think). But I always find myself wanting to know the exact day it was started so I can see how long it took me to write however many words the story ends up being. You know, metrics and stuff. Is my time being spent efficiently? I think I can safely say the answer to that is a resounding ‘no’.

Maybe it’s just my day job that makes me believe those kinds of things are important. I suppose as long as I’m writing every day, then it doesn’t really matter how many words I get. But I would be curious to know what my average word count is over the lifespan of the initial draft. For the past week and a half I made a concerted effort to put my head down  and write, to plow through to the end of the story that was so close I could smell it. FYI, it smelled like bacon. During that time, I garnered 1000+ words a day. I reached 2000 words on Presidents Day since I didn’t have to go to work *pats self on shoulder*.

I know I didn’t spend more than a month writing the story, and the final word count was 15,312, which tells me I was probably between 600-800 words a day for an average. 1000 words has kind of been my unofficial daily goal for quite some time, so it’s a little disappointing to see that I clearly didn’t live up to that standard except for the past week or so. I could say the fact that I was hitting that goal when I really focused is something to be proud of, but then that just tells me all those other days I wasn’t focusing enough.

Ugh. No that can’t be right. I’m too awesome.

OK, so here are my goals going forward:

  • Write every day – as long as it’s something creative
  • Don’t stress out over word count
  • Do at leat 1 thing a day to get closer to being a full-time writer
  • Eat more bacon

That last one is just good advice for anyone – feel free to steal it.


  1. Excellent goals. May I steal all of them? Especially the bacon one. Yummmm.

    Oh, and I tried to Like this post, but WordPress is being finicky, so my apologies!

    • Steal away 😀 But you have to share the bacon with me. There’s a pretty strict bacon tax on this blog.

      • Geez. What percentage are we talking? Because if you try to take more than 35% of my bacon, you might be facing a revolution. A baconlution. Is that a thing?

        • It’ll be at least 50%. And I’ll end the baconlution before it ever becomes a thing 😀

          • Too late! I’ve already assembled my bacontry (pun on infantry), and we’re preparing to storm your blog as we speak! And you can forget about your firewall keeping you safe — we’ve brought water slides.

          • Hmm, bacontry…bacon-tree. I’ve just had a brilliant idea!

          • Oh dear. What have I done? I suspect the biologists of the world will soon be either very impressed, or very scared …

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