Epcot Food and Wine Festival

In celebration of Maleigha’s birthday this weekend, we went to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.  This was the first time Mike and I have ever gone, and it did not disappoint (except maybe my wallet).   You actually do get a good amount of food for the price, so we were able to get by with only 2 servings of everything that we tried, splitting them between the three of us.


It all started with an incredibly long line to get in. Note, this was not the line to buy tickets – we already had those – this was the line just to get into the park!

Cranberry Marsh

Our first encounter with the festival was the cranberry marsh set up in the front. We couldn’t get the guy’s attention to toss us a cranberry, and given the sun beating down on our pale faces, we decided to give up rather quickly. Based on the number of shriveled up cranberries we saw on the ground, they either didn’t taste very good or the guy had bad aim.

Trolls in Norway

Maleigha was frightened by a troll in Norway. Fortunately he was only trying to wish her a happy birthday.


Me realizing that the spinach and cheese pockets from South Africa had a kick of heat to them.  It was straight to Germany from there for some beers to put out the fire.

We arrived at the American Pavilion just in time to catch the Fife and Drum Corps marching out.  I could follow these guys all day…that is, until they enter the area of the park labeled “Disney Cast Members Only” – then they get all snippy for some reason.  Seriously, just let me have a freakin’ fife already.


While stopping to take this lovely picture of France, Mike and I realized Maleigha had disappeared. Fearing that the Norway troll had taken her and we would have to go all Liam Neeson to get her back, we made ready to snap into action. Our heroics were not needed however. We soon spotted her exiting one of the shops about 15 minutes later with a wide grin and a sample glass of wine in hand.


In Italy we stopped for some shade and slices of pizza. Although technically the pizza window is always there and not part of the actual Food and Wine festival, we got some anyway…because it’s pizza and we’re only human.

And finally (this one is for you, dad) we stopped in Canada to listen to Off Kilter, a Celtic rock band (yes, that’s a thing).

All in all it was a beautiful, albeit hot and crowded, day.  If you take only one thing from this post, it should be this: Lingonberries are a real thing, they’re delicious, and they go great with Swedish meatballs.

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