Just Add Monsters

If you read my last blog post then you know I’m getting back into writing. If you haven’t read it: how dare you!?

Well I’m also getting back into painting as well. *The art world shudders*

Here are some paintings from during my time off that I did not blog about:


I was going more for “fun” than realism with this one. I quite like it.


This one is called “A Fence in a Field with Clouds in the Sky”. It’s one of those abstract sort of titles that doesn’t really make sense.

In order to take full advantage of our Labor Day off, my girlfriend and I decided to spend the afternoon painting. The idea was to find an image of a landscape that we could re-create, and then add monsters—because why not?

This was the image we chose:


Now, ordinarily I’m not very good at painting mountains…and this time was no exception. This was my effort:


Mountains looking terrible? Just add a Giant, Jabba the Hutt, and a spaceship to distract the unfortunate onlooker.

Certainly not my best effort, but I think it will still end up hanging on the wall. Also, I looked at it this morning and it kind of has a Calvin and Hobbes daydream sort of vibe to it, which is pretty cool.

I was getting pretty frustrated with the mountains because they just weren’t coming out the way I wanted. And then I kept trying to tweak them until eventually they were completely destroyed. I realized that once I started focusing on just having fun and trying to hide mistakes with monsters (since in my mind the painting was already “ruined”) that I was really enjoying myself. Seems like a good lesson to apply to any creative pursuit.

Also, this was the biggest canvas I’ve painted on so far. I already bought an even bigger canvas that’s just waiting for me to deface it with my art skills!

Sam fared better as far as the mountains are concerned. Here is her effort:

Monster rabbits?

Monster rabbits?

Apparently she has painted mountains before, which is basically cheating if you ask me. And as far as the overall painting goes, I think we both agreed that it was a tie…and the tie always goes to Matthew. So I won. Of course in art, everyone is a winner. But in this case I am the true winner.

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