Life of Pie

This year Mike and I are going to attempt to cook the majority of Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves – against all odds.  To tilt the odds more in our favor, we decided to do a practice run of the most important part of the meal: the turkey dessert!  To be precise: Pumpkin Pie.  Yes, that’s right, we made a practice pie.  Have you ever heard two more beautiful sounding words?  Practice pie!  It’s a pie you get to make and eat and then chalk it all up to “practice”.  It feels like that should be illegal, almost as if we’ve found a loophole in dessert law.  I’m hesitant to even publish such a post for fear we will be caught, revealing such prized information to the wrong sort of people: dessert narcs.  But such things cannot be kept secret – they must not.  The people need to know!

So without further ado, I reveal to you our practice pie:

Pie Ingredients

Here we see our pie at its humble beginnings. It had a whole life ahead of it still. Anything was possible. Also, there’s a pot in the picture, but it was merely the pie’s godfather. It had nothing to do with the creation of the pie.

Almost Pie

Here we have our pie in its teenage years. Sure, it’s changed a lot, but you can see it’s still wet behind the ears. Actually, it’s all around soupy at this point. And it doesn’t have ears.

Pie All Grown Up

Here our pie has grown up, ready to leave the safety of the oven and venture out into the scary big world – a world full of forks and mouths and hungry bellies. Sure, it has a couple of dark spots on it, but nobody is perfect. It’s important to remind the pie of that, because even at this stage, having just left the oven, the pie is still working things out and can be extremely fragile. Besides, those dark spots are easily covered…

Pie Ready to Eat

…with whipped cream!

Now that I’ve given you this sacred knowledge, I suggest you go out and make as many practice pies of your own before it’s too late.  I’ll be here with a fork and a plate awaiting for your return.

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