NaNoWriMo Update

Today I finished the first draft of my NaNoWriMo story.  Party!

You might recall that my original goal was to write a new short story with a word count goal of 13,000 words.  I’m currently sitting at 10,076 with this first draft.  Now I’ll go back and revise.

I always end up adding more words whenever I edit my writing – it just always happens.  I can practically guarantee that will happen with this story seeing as how I took a new approach to my writing this time, getting the ideas out onto paper and not fussing over finding the exact right word all the time.  So now I get to go back and do that – as well as add in the details that I realized I was missing at the beginning of the story while I was pressing bravely onward without looking back.  I don’t know if that will garner me 3,000 more words, but that doesn’t really matter.  A story is done when you’ve told the story you set out to tell, not when you reach an arbitrary word count.

It feels kind of strange to say, but since I blazed through the story without going back and reading it over and over along the way, I’m not exactly sure if it’s any good.  I’m a little worried that it’s not.  But I guess I’m about to find out 🙂

Onward to editing!


  1. I feel silly for asking but… what’s your story about?

    • The story takes place in a world that has been devastated by a plague virus, destroying entire cities that were not able to separate themselves from those infected fast enough. The story focuses on the mayor of one of the few cities to survive, and his attempt to keep the plague out of the city – at great costs. Essentially I wanted to write a character that makes very questionable decisions, but at the same time his reasoning is sympathetic to the reader – so you never quite know whether to root for or against him. I figured this was a good opportunity to write something completely different from anything I’ve done previously. 🙂


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