NaNoWriMo Update…And More!

So the last time I updated about my NaNoWriMo short story I told you that I had just completed the first draft.  Going into a 5 day holiday weekend, my goal was to knock out the second draft.  And did I do it?  You bet I did.  Woop woop!

Draft 2 is now complete at 11,109 words.  Closer, but still not quite the 13,000 I had set as my November goal, but that was just an arbitrary number anyway.  The story is now out with a couple of beta readers to get their feedback and opinions – basically I just need to know if the story is any good.  I like it, but I’m also crazy biased.

Here’s the basic plot (to be read in the movie trailer voice):

In a world devastated by the Plague, one man will do whatever it takes to rid his city of disease.  But for Mayor John Coal, the true battle is keeping his control.

In other news, Mike and I might have taken a few hours out of the day yesterday to create something truly spectacular:

O Christmas Tree!

Yes, our Christmas tree is officially up.  Not only that, but it’s receiving rave reviews:

Maleigha: The lights are making a glare on the TV.

Electric Bill: It’s a little much.

Sable (our dog): Tastes grrreat!

So that’s all I have to share for now.  I hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend.

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