Progress Report

What has Matt been up to lately? Good question. I’ll tell you:

Upon my triumphant return to the blog world…and the real world in general, I announced that I was working on a new story that I planned to write in serialized chunks. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve continued to work on said story. *holds for applause*

The plan is 10,000 words at the very least for each story. Usually ends up around 12,000 after editing.

My goal has been to write at least 1,000 words a day to get the first draft done, and then spend the rest of the month editing. So that’s what I did for August. I came up with the initial story idea, wrote for the first half of the month and then edited for the rest. So book 1 is done and in the hands of trusted beta readers.

On September 3rd I began book 2, which as of a couple days ago I have officially finished the first draft on. I’ve actually been able to stick to my 1,000 word goal each day during the week, which I’m incredibly happy with. Weekends, I may be slacking on. There are just so many video games to play, you don’t even understand.

Anyway, the plan is to finish editing book 2 in this second half of September and get it into beta reader hands by October 1st. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m really enjoying this story and look forward to continuing the serialized process until it’s complete. I don’t really know how many parts it will take. I’m thinking four, but until I write that last sentence, I won’t know for sure. I’ve gone into both books so far with a general outline, and both times now the story has taken turns that I never expected and have pushed back the parts that I still intend to write.

As to when I’ll be publishing these bad boys, I’m also unsure. It depends on how much I need to edit after getting feedback, plus I need covers, which is never easy.

There is a lot to this world that I’m creating, so the last thing I want to do is rush one out and totally botch the entire potential. A lot of the world building is already done for it, some of which won’t even be mentioned in these books, but still helps me to write them. I keep finding myself tinkering with bits and pieces that make me go back to book 1 and update certain parts. But I feel like we are close to a final product at this point.

I look forward to writing some more posts in the near future with specifics about the stories and the world they take place in. Hopefully with cover art reveals too.

So that’s it. Progress is being made, and it feels good!

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