A Quick Short Story: Clouds


cloud elephant

We lay in the field, Samantha and I, watching the clouds pass by. She points at almost every single one, telling me all the things she sees.

“Look, there, at that one,” she says. “That one looks like the house we’ll have one day.”

I look at the cloud she says is our house. I nod.

She points to another. “And that one is our dog. He looks like a Sprocket. That’s a good name, don’t you think?”

I look at the cloud that is Sprocket. I nod again.

“Oh! Those over there are us playing with our three children. We look so happy. Do you see them?”

I look at the clouds of Samantha and me with our three children. I nod.

But all the nods were lies. All I could see were elephants.

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