A Quick Short Story: Movie



All year I waited for the movie to come out. I just knew it was going to be the greatest movie I would ever see.

In a year of one gut-punching circumstance after another, this was the one and only thing I had to look forward to. My girlfriend left me, my dog passed away, I lost my job, and the bill collectors never stopped calling.

But all of that could be forgotten for the mere cost of a movie ticket.

As soon as I could, I pre-ordered my ticket online and printed it right then on the spot. I kept it on me at all times.

On opening night, I had already been in line for three days longer than anyone else. And when they finally let us into the theater, I rushed to the seat I’d picked out in my mind since the day the movie was first announced – midway up and dead center in the aisle.

The lights dimmed. This was it. My two and a half hours of escape from a life filled with too many bad breaks.

When the notice came on screen to silence all cell phones, I realized just then how close I’d come to achieving the perfect moment. If only I had remembered to bring my glasses.

It was the greatest movie I couldn’t see.

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