This past Saturday night I sent out a bunch of review copies for Poor Percival Stories (Tale 1).  65 total.  I sent them out via a LibraryThing contest, which is a website that allows authors to offer a specified number of their books for free in exchange for reviews.  I offered 100 copies and 65 people requested, so all 65 people received a free copy.  Had more than 100 requested a copy, then the website would have selected winners at random.

For authors looking to generate reviews, I highly recommend LibraryThing.  It doesn’t cost anything to join, they let you offer ebooks (which is not the case with many sites), and you get to connect with readers anxious for new books to read and review.  I’m hoping at least a dozen of the people who received the book actually leave a review.  There is no binding contract that forces them to do so – it’s just courtesy to the author.

Well this past Monday night I received my first review and it was extremely positive.  Then I woke up this morning to find 2 more reviews, both equally as positive as the first.  What an incredible feeling to have a complete stranger with no obligation at all to be gentle in their opinions to actually say that they enjoyed what they read and validate your hard work.  I realize it’s only 3 reviews right now, but still…all the hours sitting in front of the laptop, writing lines, erasing lines, doubting myself – now people are actually saying they like what I’ve done.  Completely awesome.

I know I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be, but I will say this: last night while working on my latest short story, I had my first creepy stalker watching me the whole time…

My creepy stalker.  I think her name is Sable.

Anyway, just wanted to share the good news.  I hope everything is going awesome for you this week as well!


    • Thanks! Without fail, I signed into WordPress last night to write this post and got distracted catching up on your most recent blog entries first lol

  1. That sounds like a great idea to get reviews. Hope you get many more that encourage you along the way!

    • Much appreciated! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Congratulations! That’s so awesome. I might give this LibraryThing a try myself! :]


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