The Way the World Works

When asked the way the world works,

I gave an answer with some quirks.

As the gears spun in my head,

This is what I actually said:

The world works in a wondrous way,

I’ll begin with but a single day.

The sun is something truly neat,

Turned on a wheel pedaled by your feet.

The moon then comes thereafter,

In shapes like children’s laughter.

Clouds are nothing much of mystery,

When you consider their ghostly history.

You may not know how stars are made,

Would you believe a candlelight parade?

With rain you never know what you get,

But when elephants play it’s always wet.

For snow it’s even more fantastic,

Cut from patterns made of plastic.

For wind it’s never quite the same,

The singing lady’s the one to blame.

Thunder is really easy,

But only when your stomach’s queasy.

Therefore it’s difficult to complain,

When these things are so simple to explain.

And though it might not all be true,

I wish it was, how ‘bout you?