Trading Gold for Magic

Here we are, another day, another George’s Light update…

Last time I told you I would be doing the cover reveal, and while the cover looks absolutely fantastic (I can’t stress that enough), I am holding off on the reveal for now. But why? Well, I’ll tell you. The cover artist has now read the full book and has decided she wants to take another crack at the cover just to see what else she can come up with. For me, it’s a win-win situation. If she comes back with an even better cover, then we’ll go with that. But if we decide the cover we have now is the best fit, then we’ll go with a cover that is already amazing and that I love. There’s literally no downside.

So in the meantime, I spent this past week reading the 2nd proof copy, and there were definitely a lot less notes this time around. And I did something different this time. I made all my notes in the proof itself, and then marked every page that had an edit to be made with a post-it note. Then, while I made the actual edits this weekend, I got to pull the post-its off the page once I was done with it, and I could literally see my progress building up beside me. It was actually a cool kind of reward system, and something I’ll definitely be doing in the future. Here’s what my pile of gold looked like at the end:


Looking at that picture, you might think I had a ton of edits, but really with a few exceptions, most pages were literally just adding 1 comma in a sentence. So really simple stuff this time around.

I actually did find 3 legit grammatical errors in the read through, so I do feel like it was totally justified and I wasn’t just wasting time tinkering around. Also, that was my final read through of the book. I’ll order one more proof with the finalized cover, and once I do a quick check that the formatting is good, I’ll hit the publish button.

I do have to admit that once I finished the last edit this time around, I actually felt nervous. That butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling. I think part of it is the fact that I’m settled that this is the last full read through before I publish, and anything I missed this last go around will be in there on day 1. Sure, I can always update on the fly, but it still feels very final in a way.

Another part is that this story means a great deal to me. All my stories do, but this one has the most amount of me in it. It feels like putting a big part of myself out there, more-so than I have with my other works or through this blog.

Sure, the plot is completely made up. I’m not going to pretend any of the things that happen in the book actually happened to me, or that I’m secretly the main character. But it’s the things the characters say, the things that they believe, the small details that make the characters who they are, those are the pieces I pulled from myself. I feel like this is a book I can go back and read when I’m old and gray, to relive moments from my childhood, a journal of sorts, to trigger the memories that have since faded through the years. I’ve assigned these pieces of myself to these characters to hold onto for me, to help me remember.

I think that’s the magic of writing. That’s what makes the countless hours, the long nights, the 7 or 8 read throughs that nobody else sees completely worth it. It’s the price I pay for magic.