Two Declarations

I was going to say “announcements” but declarations sounds much more dignified. Which is how people usually describe me. Shut up. Yes they do!

Declaration the first: My website has been updated and upgraded. What!? That’s right. If you usually read my blog posts via email because you’re a subscriber then I’d first like to thank you, and second recommend that you hop over and check the place out. It’s looking pretty snazzy.

It took a whole lot of banging my head against the kitchen table (which is how websites are made), but I finally got the thing up and running. So please feel free to stop by whenever you want, hang out, have a drink, toss some food to the stray cats that lurk in the dark corners. You know, whatever.

But even more importantly!

Declaration the second: George’s Light finally has a cover. And not only that, it has a release date too. In fact, two release dates…too.

If you’re a keen observer of Matthew Milson’s goings on, like my stalker (shout out to Roger), then you will have already noticed the cover for George’s Light creeping up in places, such as my website and on Amazon. The usual places things like to creep up. *insert clever joke about my pants*

So without further ado, I give you the most excellent cover designed by the extraordinary Samantha Godwin who also happens to be my Creative Director and girlfriend (which are kind of the same job when I think about it).

George's Light cover art

 George’s Light on Amazon

Fantastic. Am I right? I’m super proud to have this cover on my book, and only hope the story inside lives up to the cover’s quality. It probably doesn’t. But this train’s already out of the station, might as well go for a ride!

So what’s this nonsense about two release dates? Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout, Matthew?

Here’s what: March 2nd is the official release date for the Kindle version.

I wanted to try out that new fancy Kindle pre-order option to see how it worked in case I want to take advantage of it for future releases. So it was an experiment more than anything. I’m basically a scientist. *slurps root beer out of a test tube*

That means you can pre-order George’s Light right now!!! And on March 2nd it will be magically delivered to your Kindle via digital sprites that fly into your home and cram the story into your reading device wirelessly. I’m gonna be honest here, folks. I’m a bit sketchy on the details for how it actually works. Rest assured, if you purchase George’s Light before March 2nd, you will get it on your Kindle or Kindle reading app, no fuss no muss. Sprites may or may not be involved. Get your flyswatters ready just in case.

As for the second release date…well that was actually today. Say what!? That’s right. You can actually purchase the paperback version on Amazon right now.

Basically it takes a little while for the Kindle page on Amazon to meet up with and woo the paperback page, thus forming a holy union that produces a combination of both pages in one, making a nice and clean one-stop shop for George’s Light. So I went ahead and clicked the almighty Publish button and drop-kicked that bad boy into creation.

And that’s it. With as much work that has gone into making this book, I can’t believe it’s finally here. I hope you’ll give it a look and maybe even pick up a copy or two (or ten).

Until next time, thanks for stopping by. Time for this author to start on the next one. *picks up Xbox controller*

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